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Part 2

The episode kicks off, again trying to make me vomit, with Khloe and Lamar talking about probiotics. Khloe wants to make sure that he’s taking his probiotics and that his sh** is runny enough. Seriously? Who pays these people?

Khloe, Lamar, Malika and Rob sit around the kitchen gossiping. Khloe is concerned, because Malika is dating Adrian Wilson from the Arizona Cardinals and things are getting pretty serious. But there are issues – He’s still married and has three children. Hmm… What’s the problem?

At 2am, Lamar gets up and wanders around the house for snacks. Such riveting television! He gets down on some candy and wakes up Khloe. Apparently, night after night, he wakes her up because he’s a night owl and can’t sleep. I’d tell him to get the f**k out of my bedroom and take an Ambien.

Khloe and Lamar go to lunch with Malika and Adrian to grill Adrian and make sure that he’s with Malika for the right reasons. I’m starting to feel like I’m watching The Bachelor and we’re on a hometown date. Adrian and Lamar bond over their Baby Mama dramas. Adrian looks completely uninterested in this grill session.

Later that night at the Khlam Shack, Lamar can’t sleep again and wants Khloe to watch him play video games. The best part is that she agrees. What is wrong with her? Are we supposed to feel sorry for you oversleeping and showing up late to your photoshoot? Wahhh….

Malika, who is nice enough to drive Khloe to her photoshoot, gets grilled by Khloe on the ride over. Personally, I would’ve left Khloe on the side of the road.

After Khloe’s shoot, she and Lamar get into an argument over her lack of sleep. He thinks that she gets about six hours of sleep each night. She responds with “F**k me with a dildo if that’s what you think.” Um, ew. Please, please don’t.

Khloe and Malika go on a hike to talk about Adrian more. As we’ve seen with Khloe and all of her friends and sisters relationships, she just wants to protect Malika. Sometimes shutting up may be a better option. Malika gets pissed and walks away.

Malika heads to her sister Khadijash’s house and cries. She worries that she’s ruining a marriage and never wanted to be that person. She’s worried about Adrian’s children too. Just a thought – Exploiting it on TV is probably not going to make anything better!

Malika goes to visit Adrian and lays it all out there. I’m sorry, did I miss something? Is it the Malika Show? I bet she’ll be getting a spin-off soon. Malika expresses her concerns, but Adrian ensures he wants to focus on her. Personally, I can’t focus on anything except his massive diamond earrings.

Back at the Khlam Shack, Khloe tries to drug Lamar’s tea. Finally! Thatta girl. She put melatonin in it. Step it up… How about an ambien? Lamar thinks it’s fishy because he sees stuff floating in it and won’t drink it. He’s concerned that he might freak out and wake up in The Hangover. Or worse, next to Khloe.

Malika shows up to tell Khloe that she broke up with Adrian. While I’m trying to focus on her devastation, I’m much more mesmerized by the abundance of Loubitons in Khloe’s closet.

Later that night, Lamar puts Khloe to sleep and calls Jamie over. He’s ready to put that Sex Chamber into full force.

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    Trips me out Khloe saying she doesn’t call a handyman because it would be an awkward conversation……
    HELLO~Earth to Khloe…….is it not awkward telling the whole world about it? The Kardashian’s are THE MOST dysfunctional family.

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