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This week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar kicked off with an incest-fest of Khloe and Rob fighting in her foyer, rubbing up against each other. After a few seconds of bumping and grinding, Khloe tells Rob that their body parts shouldn’t rub against each other. No shit! It really wouldn’t surprise me if these two hooked up sometimes. Rob then drops his backpack and shatters the gift that he had bought Kris Kardashian. No one even cares because obviously they’ll just buy another.

Rob, Malika, Khloe and Lamar head to dinner at Cuvee Wine Bistro and Lamar starts off with a slice of red velvet cake. I’m surprised that Momma Khloe didn’t rip this out of his hands and yell at him for eating dessert before dinner. Rob brings up his struggle to find his calling in life. It’s really tough when your whole family is full of entrepreneurs, continuously telling you that you’re a loser and an idiot. Maybe he should take the high road like Kim did – start off with a sex tape. You’re guaranteed to be successful from there! Since his gig on DWTS, Rob realizes that he can do anything he puts his mind to, unless of course it involves being successful. And he thinks he knows how to get there… SOCKS! He’s big on socks. Real passionate about socks! WTF. Just repeat that a few times, “I’m really passionate about socks.” That’s like saying you’re really passionate about pillows, water bottles, etc.

Lamar, who’s clearly a budding entrepreneur, thinks that there are so many things you can do with socks! I disagree. You can wear them. Or you can make sock puppets.

Back at the Khlam Shack, Momma Khloe is babying the sh*t out of Lamar. While he pours a gallon of cologne all over his body (Mexican shower?), wearing a hideous pimp hat, Khloe is busy giving him a phone sheet for his photo sheet. It’s as if Lamar has never left the house before. My parents leave me a similar list when they leave the country. I know… That’s not cool or acceptable either.
Rob heads to his big business meeting with Nick Bijon on Rodeo Drive at the Bijon Store. If you’re not familiar with this shop, it’s by appointment only. Nick and Rob share a common bond… Both of their fathers passed away and they each fell into sh*t. Nick is on board with Rob’s sock passion and after talking about it for about 30 seconds, Rob ends up trying on clothes and making his Christmas list. Definitely the way to land a serious business deal!

Over at Lamar’s photo shoot, Lamar is getting all dolled up, while Momma Khloe calls to make sure he’s okay. Once she realizes he hasn’t eaten, she calls the coordinator and tells her to feed her baby or he’ll get cranky. She might as well have driven over to the shoot and fed Lamar her breast milk. I mean, really?! Meanwhile, Lamar doesn’t want to eat and continues getting his shape up from a frightening looking barber that looks like he may slit Lamar’s throat.

Lamar gets home from the shoot and obviously has not eaten. Bitch is cranky! He compares Khloe’s babying of him to having erectile dysfunction. He thinks that Khloe treats him like a 32 year old dog. If it looks like a dog and acts like a dog…

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  1. Are you no longer blogging about this show? I hope you still are because its been pretty funny so far!

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