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Since the two of them have so many boxes, they’re going to get another hotel room to store them all. Totally normal move… Not like it’d make sense to get storage space or hold off on having the boxes shipped until you moved. Just hook up the boxes with a penthouse suite!

Lamar is at practice, still sucking and being an ungrateful brat, and Khloe is shopping for a mattress. After flirting with the 80 year old mattress salesman, he gives her some free $160 pillows to thank her for her business. Exactly what a Kardashian needs, free $hit.

Khloe shows Lamar the 2 bedroom at the W that she wants to rent and he’s worried that there won’t be room for his hooligan friend, Jamie. For pure entertainment value, I hope Jamie moves in with them, acts like a total idiot and spices this show up a bit. Khloe on the other hand, wants to know why Jamie needs to come and follow Lamar to Dallas. Well Khloe, Jamie is a pathetic loser with no job and he’s milking you and Lamar for fame. There you have it!

Khloe heads to dinner with Jason Kidd’s wife to bond over living in Dallas and being Basketball Wives. She’s trying to make friends now that she’s got none in Dallas.

The next day, Khloe heads to Lamar’s first Mavericks game by herself and feels taken aback going to the new arena for the first time. Lamar is also taken aback because he plays terribly and almost fouls out in the second quarter.

Because Lamar tanked, Khloe sets up a romantic picnic in their apartment in hopes of getting jiggy with it later that night. Fully equipped with towels, roses, brandy and candles, she’s hopped up and ready to make love. Lamar comes home and rejects her by saying that his body isn’t responding.

Khloe calls her Mom and cries like a baby. Kris gives her permission to fall apart and with that, Lamar apologizes for being a dick and makes up with Khloe.

The end.

Written by:
Jen Marcus
Twitter: @jenmarcus

2 thoughts on “KHLOE AND LAMAR – 4/9/12

  1. hehehehehe
    Kris’ 2lb earrings – I thought the same thing – when she is 80 her lobes will be at her ankles.
    Lamar – whine, whine, whine, you suck at basketball
    Khloe – free pillow?!? OY.
    And the driver knows where to take you? Will wonders never cease!
    Thanks for the update and giggles.

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