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Last night’s episode of Khloe and Lamar was all about their big move to Dallas and Khloe’s struggles with making Lamar happy. While Lamar was adjusting to his new life in Dallas, Khloe was finishing up packing at the Khlam Shack with her family. Kris and Bruce stopped by to have an emotional moment and Bruce gives Khloe her first cowboy hat, which definitely means she’ll fit in down in Dallas!

Khloe wants to fall apart and cry, but she has her mom, Kris, to play that role. Kris just wants a minute with Khloe to be emotional. Just the three of them, and Kris’s 30 lb. earrings. Kris and Bruce bicker about leaving, acting like Khloe is being shipped away to college in China and not returning home until Thanksgiving. What’s the over under on when they’ll all be in Dallas visiting? A week?

Khloe is all packed up and ready to go. She’s anxious, but excited to see her Lammy! Little does she know that Lammy is being a cranky little bitch and isn’t going to be very nice to her.

After arriving in Dallas, Khloe is picked up by a driver to take her to her hotel in Dallas. She’s amazed that she’s just trusting this guy to take her to the right place. Um, earth to Khloe, that’s what drivers do. You trust them to take you to the right place.

Khloe arrives and jumps right into bed with Lamar, kissing him all over. Then he mentions that he can’t walk and feels like his ass is going to rip. Ew. What the hell has he been doing with Khloe out of town?

While Lamar is sucking at practice, Khloe is looking at condo options and taking in the Dallas hospitality. She thinks that the people are so nice, but really, they’re just pumped to have someone famous in town.

2 thoughts on “KHLOE AND LAMAR – 4/9/12

  1. hehehehehe
    Kris’ 2lb earrings – I thought the same thing – when she is 80 her lobes will be at her ankles.
    Lamar – whine, whine, whine, you suck at basketball
    Khloe – free pillow?!? OY.
    And the driver knows where to take you? Will wonders never cease!
    Thanks for the update and giggles.

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