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The next day, Rob and Khloe head to boxing to continue their incestual relationship. Rob blabbers on about his passion for socks while they work out with a trainer. Rob is sensitive because he thinks that Khloe knocks down every one of his big ideas. She wants to know if his sock line will include other undergarments. What’s next? She going to ask to model for him? Rob defends his idea by telling her that “Everyone wears socks!” Wow Rob, you’re a genius.

Beavis and Butthead, AKA Lamar and Jamie, drive around like complete hooligans and talk about how much Khloe babies Lamar. Other than that, I have no idea what these two were talking about and kept wishing that E! provided subtitles.

Rob and Nick go out to lunch and talk about girlfriends. Nick is always in a relationship and always has a girlfriend. Hmm I wonder why a$shole… Maybe it’s because you sh*t money. After chatting about ladies, Nick wants an update on Rob’s passion for socks. Rob whines about Khloe’s lack of support and Nick convinces him that he shouldn’t quit! Quit what???

Later on at the Khlam Shack, the fabulous foursome is sitting around eating salad and Lamar locks up Khloe in handcuffs. Probably not a sanitary decision while eating, but he wants to show her what it’s like to feel babied. After eating, he drags her around the house like a puppy. Cue the whining and grotesque butt bumping. Malika comments that it’s becoming too much for her to watch. How do you think we feel Malika?

Malika helps Rob out and does a photo shoot for his new sock line. The whole photo shoot looks like Dylan’s Candy Bar exploded on and Express advertisement. Should be a really successful brand for Rob! Not. The best part of the whole shoot was watching Malika run around with her bare a$s hanging out.

Back at the Khlam Shack, Khloe and Lamar are still handcuffed together and heading to dinner. How did I just get a ticket for not yielding to pedestrians, but these two can drive around together handcuffed? Bullsh*t. When they arrive at Ruth Chris, they head into the men’s room together for a quickie.

Khloe and Lamar meet with their team for a new fragrance launch. Whoever is representing Khloe looks like she’s storing nuts for the winter season. Khloe tells everyone that she thinks Lamar’s whole body is masculine. I’m pretty sure the other people at dinner all gag simultaneously.

These two bitch for the whole ride home, until Lamar takes off the handcuffs. Khloe and Lamar argue in the bedroom about this ridiculous babying problem and I’m just thrilled that it’s over. He gets into bed and she apologizes. Then he strips down into his underwear and they start tickling each other and cuddling, as usual. Lamar is ready to show her who the man of the house is. Isn’t it both of you?

The next day, Rob and Khloe drive around and make up. Once Khloe saw Malika modeling half naked, she knew the sock line would be a success! I swear, these mock-ups look like something you’d envision while you were completely stoned, munching on Skittles.

The end.

Next week looks like a killer episode! Jamie shows his new modeling shots to Khloe, who tells him that he looks like a pedophile. Finally, someone said it!

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  1. Are you no longer blogging about this show? I hope you still are because its been pretty funny so far!

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