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I’m back from vacation! Secretly, I wish I was still there because watching Khloe and Lamar has recently felt like watching paint dry. And very slowly.

The episode kicks off with Lamar and Rob messing around in the kitchen because they’re so bored. I have an idea! Get a job. Lamar decides to drink a raw egg, because he and Rob think it’ll make him stronger. Really, it’s going to give him salmonella and the runs. I know from experience. Lamar must think he’s Gaston from Beauty and the Beast drinking raw eggs. I’m not sure who’s the beauty and who’s the beast though. This is a tough one. Rob is frustrated because he’s bored and needs to come up with a routine for his days. Again, get a job.

Khloe and Malika arrive home and catch Lamar and Rob playing hangman and baking. The conversation quickly heads to a dark and disgusting place… Lamar suggests that putting an egg yolk on your “thing” is the best lube. My dinner is now in my mouth. That’s one of the most offensive things I’ve heard and picturing Khloe cracking an egg on Lamar’s penis is even worse.

Jamie, the real “star” of this week’s episode, is on Star Cam Radio, milking his fame for all it’s worth. The hosts tell him that he looks good and call him a celebrity. Not sure which kind of crack they’re smoking, but hook me up! They ask him about girls and Jamie tells them that he doesn’t have a type. That’s a good thing. Jamie should take whatever he can get. Jamie, AKA Mr. Brilliant, tells the hosts that if there was a moving about his life, it’d be called “Jamazing.” I have a better title. It’s called, “No one gives a $hit about you.”

Jamie shows up at the Khlam Shack and tells Khloe and Malika that he’s going to be an actor. That’s like me telling someone that I’m going to become an accountant. The girls are obviously skeptical, but Jamie assures them that since he’s from Queens, he can play so many roles. Then he bounces his man titties into the camera to prove his skills. I’d like to suggest that Jamie auditions for a creepy porno instead. Khloe was dead-on when she told him that his headshots make him look like a pedophile. “Hide yo kids, hid yo wife.”

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  1. Another great recap – thank you. I am with you – this is a bad, bad show. However, the redeaming thing I try to keep in mind is that they do really seem to love each other in their own bizarro way.
    Eggs as lube -ewww!

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