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Lamar is anxious to get back on the court and keeps reminiscing while rubbing his Lakers jersey in the closet. Then, after such incredible foreshadowing, Lamar’s agent calls to tell him there’s an opportunity for him to play in Turkey. He thinks it’s a great opportunity, but Khloe doesn’t. Before going into the historical jazz, Khloe mentions that moving to another country doesn’t sound cool to her. Totally… Not at all Khloe. Who would ever want to experience another country? What fun would that be?!

Malika and Jamie head to lunch and have an acting lesson. Since she’s such an accomplished actress, she’s going to teach Jamie the lingo. She plays Candy the escort and he plays a token pervert. Getting into his acting mode, Jamie looks like he’s having a seizure. He doesn’t know if he’s feeling this role. I’m feeling sick to my stomach, wondering if I could have the last 15 minutes of my life back. How terrible is this show?!?!

Rob and Khloe have a heart to heart about possibly moving to Turkey. He saw the news about Lamar online and wants to be there to offer advice. Khloe explains that because of the Armenian Genocide (which she’s learning about on Wikipedia!), she doesn’t think she can move to Turkey. Obviously, this is very important to her, since she’s brushing up on her facts online. She calls Uncle Tom to help make her decision and he rules out Turkey.

Lamar sets up Jamie with a big-time Casting Director to further Jamie’s acting career. And Jamie continues to compare himself to Robert DiNero. Personally, I think Robert would be mortified by the comparison. Just because you have a terrible New York accent does not mean you can compare yourself to someone like DiNero. Not surprising, Jamie doesn’t get the part. Womp, womp.

Kim and Khloe are heading to a dinner meeting and because Kim is so smart and makes such wonderful life decisions, Khloe asks her for advice. Kim, who didn’t need to Wikipedia the Armenian Genocide, tells Khloe that she shouldn’t move. Then, Bruce shows up to visit Khloe and give her advice on moving to Turkey. Does anyone else not give a $hit anymore if she’s gonna move to Turkey? MAKE A DECISION YOURSELF! Bruce advises that Khloe tells Lamar she’s uncomfortable and to just be honest with him. What a brilliant suggestion!

Khloe confesses to Lamar that she’s having anxiety and isn’t comfortable with moving to Turkey. And with that, the decision is made and we never have to hear about Turkey again. They’re staying put.

Jamie heads to acting class and Rob and Malika go with him for support. As if Jamie is a child, they encourage him to participate in class. Jamie, who looks like a purple people eater, pretends to be a cop who pulls Rob over. No one takes these fools seriously. Except the teacher, who apparently wants to bang Jamie. Gross.
The episode ends with the news of the lockout ending. No turkey. No lockout. And no more Khloe and Lamar for a week. YAY!

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  1. Another great recap – thank you. I am with you – this is a bad, bad show. However, the redeaming thing I try to keep in mind is that they do really seem to love each other in their own bizarro way.
    Eggs as lube -ewww!

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