This week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar kicked off with an incest-fest of Khloe and Rob fighting in her foyer, rubbing up against each other. After a few seconds of bumping and grinding, Khloe tells Rob that their body parts shouldn’t rub against each other. No shit! It really wouldn’t surprise me if these two hooked up sometimes. Rob then drops his backpack and shatters the gift that he had bought Kris Kardashian. No one even cares because obviously they’ll just buy another.

Rob, Malika, Khloe and Lamar head to dinner at Cuvee Wine Bistro and Lamar starts off with a slice of red velvet cake. I’m surprised that Momma Khloe didn’t rip this out of his hands and yell at him for eating dessert before dinner. Rob brings up his struggle to find his calling in life. It’s really tough when your whole family is full of entrepreneurs, continuously telling you that you’re a loser and an idiot. Maybe he should take the high road like Kim did – start off with a sex … Continue reading

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Part 1

Khloe and Lamar’s second season began with a quick recap of all the current Kardashian drama – Kim and Kris’s tragic divorce, Khloe’s pregnancy issues, and Kris Jenner’s struggle to make this family as much money as possible. Albeit their difficult and oh-so-tragic struggles, Khloe is counting her blessings because her and Lamar are still in their honeymoon phase. Is this really surprising? Haven’t they only known each other for a year?

We quickly catch up on Khloe and Lamar’s life and each of their closest friends. First, Rob Kardashian, who is finding his own identity on Dancing with the Stars. Next, he’ll need to find his manhood. Then, Malika, Khloe’s bestie who is milking her “5 Minutes of Fame” being friends with the Kardashian ladies. And last, Lamar’s bestie who resembles someone you’d find in a biker bar that hasn’t showered in a week. These two are like Beavis and Butthead.

Lamar and Khloe start off the episode by licking each other repeatedly… And suddenly I’m wishing I hadn’t eaten before … Continue reading

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